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  1. Truck Manual

    Makes sense, I contacted Renault UK, for the kicks of it. Since as you said, Renault doesn't seem to have an office in North America. The truck in general doesn't seem to be in bad condition by the looks of it at least.
  2. Truck Manual

    This is a Renault truck that had been slapped with a Mack logo, I don't think Renault is going to share anything with Volvo but it wouldn't hurt to try.
  3. Truck Manual

    Thanks, I will check for Renault Midlum manual since cab and engine are Renault made. Let's hope the initial low cost will cover the upkeep.
  4. Truck Manual

    Propriety issues with Renault? Or Renault didn't leave sufficient documentation to work with.
  5. Hello Everyone, I am starting my career as a truck driver, soon to operate a 2002 MV322 Freedom 6.2L. As I understand it since it is from Mack's Renault period, any service documentation is hard to come by I have tried these sites , ,, to no avail.