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  1. SM Fire History ,  try his guy he has tons of 'L" Mack parts , located near Hershey ,Pa. ,PA and most states in the north east the F.D. where big buyers of Macks

      Cal Little ( Pine Hill Restorations)

     329 pine hill rd.



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  2. would you have the center brace that attaches to the windshield and top of the dashboard ,this windshield is the later type that had chrome trim around it. the brace was wider at the bottom and tapered at the top. 

  3. great looking 'B' Mack , your at the right site for information on Macks, if your on the east coast even better. their is a big parts (everything ) meet in April called the Spring Melt in Allentown  Pa. Also help to joint an association like a local chapter of SPAAMFA for info on musters & all info related to the 'hobby' . I'm in south jersey ,belong to the Cradle of Liberty Antique Fire Apparatus Assoc,(check our website). I have a 54 'LS85 Mack  (open cab)

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