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  1. not over filling. there is a great amount of pressure in coolant tank have to run with rad cap loose or it blows out coolant out overflow line.replaced overflow cap as well. nothing in oil yet no coolant in air tanks as well.have talked with other drivers with same problem and there problem was injector cups also said the coolant will turn a blue colour after a while. I though head gasket as well trying to get a better idea what to plan for. thanks for come back. the truck still works well. also haven't seen coolant in fuel
  2. I have 2016 Mack pinnacle cxu613 mp8 engine.I'm getting so much pressure in coolant tank its blowing out overflow hose. been told by other owners its injector tube bypass. Been checking oil and no coolant getting in yet .I have 547000km on engine any feed back .truck still works well.
  3. I own 2016 Mack pinnacle cxu613 Has mp8 engine 505 hp with 12 speed mdrive trans.At 350km on truck the egr cooler had became blocked up with soot. Dealer said the new macks run to cold mine run170degrees. The cooler was replaced under warranty .I have replaced thermostat with a 190degree one they say I may need a winter front as well. just wondering if anyone has had this problem?
  4. I have 2016 mack pinnacle cxu613 it has power door locks but not keyless entry. can I put aftermarket keyless in it?
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