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    The Mighty Q Mack. V8. A Bellquip Mack for hauling 90 ton from sunrise to the crusher for GML

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  1. The Big Off Road Q Macks

    These off road Hi speed Haulers were use to take Iron ore from Sunrise mine to the Shay Gap crusher. 90-120 ton depending on the grade. 14.00r24 tires V8 Thermodyne 375+Hp More gears than the moon shuttle.. Build by Bell quip. only 4 ever made. GEMS.. Tire fitters nightmare, or A Callout guaranteed . Michelin Tires. Used from around 1973-198?? GML Mining. Shay Gap. This truck sorted out drivers. A lot of would bees, very few masters... 18 speed, air spilt..+ low range GREAT TRUCK. kept a few employed, No women ever drove one of these!!! some big girls tried...