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  1. Where is the brake pressure switch located on a 2000 mack vision trailer brake switch?
  2. MackGirl352

    Mack e7

    My Mack e7 Keeps blowing unit pump 1 out. I have to keep replacing. It runs fine for a day then back out again. What’s the culprit?
  3. Where is unit pump 2 located? Code reads unit pump 2. Is there a particular pattern?
  4. Where is the oil sensor on the 2000 model? Going to change oil this weekend to see if that helps.
  5. 2000 Mack vision cx613 e7 400 gauge reading low oil pressure, no codes, no lights, no shut downs runs fine. Checked oil it's fine...but the gauge reads low oil pressure. Reads low enough where the truck would go into automatic shutdown. Could it be a sensor or a bad gauge?
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