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  1. It does not have A/C unfortunately, I called up the local diesel parts and gave them the vin. They said they have a few in stock rep on the phone was very knowledgeable mentioned that when they go bad theyre usually very hard to turn or locked up. I think I might go ahead and run the truck for a few weeks and see if I see the temp climb, if so I'll go ahead and swap one on. The price was surprisingly low $170.
  2. New to me truck so no experience with this engine or a fan clutch with no air going to it. The fan seems like its spinning hard all the time. When the engine is off I can easily turn the fan over by hand with moderate resistance does not spin freely. The fan clutch looks like a thermostat operated unit, no air or sensors. Should I be able to turn this over by hand when off and cold? Any help would be appreciated!
  3. This diagram is what has me confused. It says to remove the drive bolts which in this application can't be accessed. So if I remove the 40 bolts around the torque converter and it stays in place on the crankshaft how can I then remove TC if its bolted from the opposite side. Ill try to visit the dealer tonight when I pick up parts and see if I can get them to print a diagram for me I'm one of those visual learners.
  4. Recently purchased my first mack! It's a 2001 RD688s with a 4 speed Allison ht740 automatic unfortunately I have the small problem of inheriting a fatal transmission issue with the purchase. I was also able to score a reman and got down to wrenching today. I have the tools and experience to do the job but am confused about how to get the flexplate drive bolts off. Does not seem to be "standard" I peeked through the access cover and all I can see is the torque converter bolts and the starter ring gear no way to access the bolts that attach the flex plate to the starter ring gear! Please help! What am I missing?
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