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  1. The booster is not connected to the hydraulic lines, it simply applied additional leverage to the pedal. The Master provides the only flow. I have flow to the wheel cylinders but not very strong. I have bled the system multiple times, a lot of air came out. Pedal is very hard until it has assist from the vacuum, but either way the brakes are not engaging. It had some brakes before I started but fluid was pouting out the master cylinder, confused as to why it had no brakes but the leak is gone.
  2. I'll post a picture of the booster. The engine does change when the brake in engaged so I'm inclined to think the booster is functioning. Did find a small leak in one line behind a clip. Replaced the line and will go back to bleeding the system again in the morning. I appreciate the suggestions.
  3. I'm working on a 1955 EH fire truck. I rebuilt the master cylinder, bench bled it and bled the wheel cylinders. It has a hard pedal when the truck is off, once running the pedal goes to the floor and it has no brakes. It has what looks like a slave cylinder with hoses on a rod next to the master cylinder. Also another rod connected to the main brake rod running to what appears to be a vacuum canister. I can not find any bleeders and it does not look like any other hydovac unit I have seen. Any body have experience or suggestions to get the pedal back? Thanks in advance.
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