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  1. Looking at buying a 2011 and a 2012 Mack CXU Pinnacle. I have done quite a bit of research on them but nothing beats real life experience from drivers that own them. The 2011 has 405,000 miles on it, MP8 and 445 hp = $27,000 The 2012 has 644,000 miles on it, MP8 and 505 hp = $32,000 They both look great but the 2012 with 644,000 gives me some concern because of the miles. However the injectors have been changed, it's DOT inspected, DPF Cleaned with new filters, new tires and they both have limited warranties available. Should I be afraid of the the high mileage of the 2012? I've read that anything over 600,000 miles is probably due for an overhaul. I'm just looking for some feedback before I meet with the dealer for the initial inspection and some ideas on what I should check. Thanks in advance for your help
  2. Bdenny, I'm actually buying a 2011 Pinnacle in a couple of weeks. Everything I have researched so far is positive but haven't had a chance to get feedback from drivers who actually own one. How has the truck worked for you since you've had? Have you had to change the Injectors and Cups yet? Is there any advice, tips you can give me to help me stay ahead of any potential problems? Thanks for your help.
  3. Dude congrats on the new truck. I am actually going to buy my first truck in a few weeks, which is also a 2011 Pinnacle CXU613. Have you had any major issues that could give me a little bit of a heads up on things? I am going to pull Logs with it, short hauls. Couple of hours each way. Here in South Carolina the roads in and out of the woods are well maintained but it can get pretty muddy with a heavy rain. Just wanted to ask around and get different opinions. Do you think this truck can handle off road work?? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Once I get it and start running, I can share any issues I encounter or insight that I gain as well. Thanks.
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