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  1. 1936 Mack Jr

    Does anyone know if the mack musuem can do a buyer search. Being I don't have the vin, can I give them the year and town that purchased the truck new. Would this be enough information for them to figure out which truck I'm referring too and be able to send the info they have as if I sent them the vin.
  2. 1936 Mack Jr

    So I made a horrendous mistake when I posted my topic and information. The mack jr I'm looking for is a 1938 not 36... I went back to check the site and saw my very bad error. I apologize for anyone that helped me earlier in this post and possibly with this new info maybe open up my horizons to the right truck I'm looking for. So if we can rewind and if anyone can help I'm looking for our original fire truck a 1938 Mack jr with some pics posted up at the beginning. Thank you guys so much and again I apologize for my critical error when posting the year.
  3. 1936 Mack Jr

    Excellent thank you... looks all different but could be just the refurb. I will contact them on Monday.
  4. 1936 Mack Jr

    Thank you for all the info and appreciate any help y'all can supply
  5. 1936 Mack Jr

    Hey Paul thanks for that info, I just searched for two hours on the internet trying to find a list of apparatus he had there. Unfortunately I've not been able to find anything relating to that. The only thing that's listed is his donation of a chief's truck to South Hampton.
  6. 1936 Mack Jr

    Hello, I'm new to the page. My fd is currently trying to locate our first new fire truck. It was a 1936 Mack Jr. I will attach picture. My town is Deer Park, New York. Going through the records, we don't know too much except for it was sold sometime around the 1950s.... looking for any help or possibly even another 1936 maybe for sale.