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  1. Well guys, bad news. I could not get any parts. Good news is they sold the whole truck to someone who is going to restore it. The guy paid $1500 for it. Oh, it was a diesel with a turbo. I tried to upload pictures but it failed, sorry.
  2. Hi Guys! Been a while. Someone turned in for scrap what looks like a 1950 3 axle Mack. Not sure what model or even sure of the date. Looks to me like a 1950. My question is should I try and save anything off it? Looks pretty much complete. No bed. Did they originally come with a turbo? It has a 2 stick transmission. Is it worth saving? I will try and save the instrument cluster. It only has one of the Bulldogs on the side of the hood left on it but I will grab it for my collection. I didn't have time to check. Were they gas and or Diesel? I might pull the turbo just for kicks. Give me some input if you can. It might get chopped tomorrow or be there for a couple months. I will try and post some pictures when I get some. Where can I search for pictures of Mack's that tell what the models are. Where would the data plate be if this is a 1950? I was looking on Ebay and someone sold a instrument cluster that they said was for a Model B. This one's cluster almost looks the same. The only difference is that the speedometer is the graph type, which of course is missing the key.
  3. I think your right. Only problem, no money to buy that much. Would love to save fenders, cab, motor, steering column and wheel, and trannies.
  4. They sell it by the pound. 30 cents a pound. I got them to bring the truck down yesterday. Sorry to say, they put the truck back up to where it was in the pictures. I had pulled some parts but went back to pull the second tranny today. They said they would not bring it back down unless I bought the whole truck. So there it stays. At least I got some parts.
  5. I have a question. I am trying to salvage parts off a 1940 Mack EES. The steering wheel is in fairly good condition. I pulled the nut off. Do I need a special tool to pull wheel off with?
  6. I can get rims from a 1940 Mack EES. I believe there are 2 still on the truck but I did not look at the size of the tires.
  7. I have them both, left side of the seat and right side, which is in the picture. Will look pretty good next to all my other emblems and data plates. I will need another shop just to mount everything on the walls.
  8. I was looking at the data plate. It is a ex-Army Mack. Delivered in 2-7-40 to the Quartermaster Corp.
  9. I found out what the model is, it is a Model EES. I will try and attach some pictures. First time so don't expect much. I have several more pictures. Did Mack use White rear ends? That is what this one has. The picture of a transfer case is the one attached to the second transmission. I also have the data plates.
  10. I know what you mean. I have seen a lot of transmissions and transfer cases. All the transfer cases, until now, don't have access plates on the bottom. I am thinking maybe military. There was a hint of olive drag paint. The plate looked like it was 6" wide and about 12" to 14" long.
  11. I will have to go back. I did not think about scrapping the paint off the data plate to check the model. I was planning on making the trip back and pulling what ever parts than said Mack on them. Just was hoping to get some feedback on what would be best to pull before it gets chopped up for scrap.
  12. The data plate was on the drivers side of the seat base or frame.
  13. Hello everyone, I live in Idaho. One of my hobbies is salvaging vintage truck parts when I can find them. I have just found a 1940 2 ton or 2 1/2 ton Mack truck that I can get parts off of. It is mostly just the drive train and the cab. It still has it's engine transmission and rear end. The front fenders are there. This was turned into a crane truck or wreaker. It has a second strange transmission behind the cab. The second one has a transfer case married up to it. It looks vintage. The bottom of the transfer case is totally flat and has a bolt on cover. Usually they are solid, with a plate on the side some where. I could not see any marking on it due to grease and modified mountings block the information. Anything on this truck worth my time to pull off and sell?
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