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  1. Hello guys & gals! I have 2006 cxn613 Mack Vision with an Eaton Fuller UltraShift 10speed. And, a couple of days ago the INLET MANIFOLD PRESSURE GAUGE started going haywire. For example, the INLET MANIFOLD PRESSURE GAUGE would randomly fluctuate from 40psi to 25psi to 15psi and would actually cause my truck to accelerate AND decelerate on it own and I was actually lossing power even with cruise control on. Also, I burned alot of FUEL as the INLET MANIFOLD PRESSURE GAUGE was going haywire that ONE day. But, the next day it did NOT do it again and I have been driving it for four days since it happened and it has NOT occurred again. Does anyone know what could have caused the INLET MANIFOLD PRESSURE GAUGE TO GO HAYWIRE AND CAUSE MY TRUCK TO DECELERATE/ LOSS POWER SIMULTANEOUS or does anyone recommend any sensors to change so that it will NOT happen again? Thanks in advance!!!!!
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