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  1. Jim, do you know of they would have a head gasket? If not any suggestions? Thanks
  2. I need all of your knowledge, well because this is not my strength. Short story, 1935 B series Mack Fire Truck with a flat 6. Engine is not original to the truck. We ran a compression test and the #3 cylinder is junk, looking in through the plug hole we can see the piston is cracked. We are not sure of the engine, some say its a 36, others say its a 43. Markings on the bottom end are M 6(or maybe S) 00A602X. On the top it looks like 827 56. Trying to figure out where to go from here. We are a non profit with limited funds. I appreciate any info and suggestions you all may have. Thanks. Compression Results front to back. 100, 92, 15, 80, 98, 78. Verified #3 with a second gauge.
  3. Anyone know what kind of lubrication goes in this little flapper doohickey on the fan pulley? 1937 Mack flat 6. Any other insight would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Anyone know what the correct gap for new plugs on a 37 Mack straight 6 motor?
  5. 35 B series fire engine. We continue to make progress with the old girl. One thing we can not figure out is the choke. The truck is happiest running at a quarter choke. Idles nice, runs fine. If I push the choke in, it stalls out. We have replaced the choke cable, Carb was rebuilt to factory spec (Zenith side mount down draft), fuel lines cleared, new fuel filter, fuel pump torn down and cleaned, fresh fuel, we also checked that the choke mechanism is functioning correctly. So the question is, do we continue to try and solve the issue or just accept that this is where she is happy and move on? It was suggested that we cheat the choke cable and set the quarter open as closed. Thoughts?
  6. On the bright side we got our 35 Mack running again. Downside we have having some difficulty finding a happy idle. I am finding that the choke needs to be about a quarter engaged to idle, though it seems like a high idle. When given fuel, sometimes it will choke itself out and stall when you remove your foot from the pedal. Carb was just rebuilt and set to factor spec. Fuel is fresh. I know its a shot in the dark, but any thoughts?
  7. Next question, it's a side mount Zenith Carb, so you can't just pour fuel down it as it sits sideways. I don't really want to detach it again. Do I use a starter spray, assuming I can get to the opening?
  8. I truly am an uneducated boob when it comes to this stuff so I appreciate any guidance that can be provided. We recently resurfaced the interior of our gas tank, replaced fuel lines and had the carb rebuilt (35 B Series- Fire Truck). So needless to say, the fuel system is completely dry. What do i need to do before trying to start her up?
  9. You are fortunate for sure. Closest non ethanol is about 30 miles away... $9.99 gal. Had a good conversation with a gentleman who restores classic vehicles. He suggested, because we will run through a couple tanks in the warmer months to run premium 93 with a lead additive and when it comes time to store her for the winter, drain or run down the fuel to almost nothing and put in 5 gallons of non ethanol, run until you can smell the change to ensure the lines and carb are filled with non ethanol fuel and park it.
  10. Yep. Here is an article that outlines the history. http://blogs.sentinelandenterprise.com/communityconversations/2015/07/23/saving-a-1935-mack-fire-truck-priceless/ I believe there is a sister truck, one number off down in CT as well.
  11. Not our truck, but there still are a few others around.
  12. Jim you are a wise man... in short yes. Originally purchased by Lunenburg on December 27, 1935 (Yes I have the original bill of sale) it was traded-in in 1961. Then in 1985, some of our members were up at Meadowood for a training and there she sat. In rough shape sitting outside. They negotiated the sale and brought her home.
  13. What are people running for fuel? We have a 1935 Mack Fire Truck (engine is a 36) and just had the fuel tank relined and the carb completely rebuilt with all new components. I need to bring suggestions to our committee to make a decision on fuel for our old girl. Primarily the truck will be used only for community events, local shows and parades. So not a lot of miles. Maybe going out once or twice a month into the fall and then stored for the winter. I have heard a bunch of suggestions from race fuel, to AV fuel, to regular 93 octane. I know a stabilizer is a must, thoughts also on a lead additive? I would love to hear what people are running.
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