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  1. Anyone have any experience with Superliner re-power. Currently ,I believe, 300 plus Mack. Would like to stay with 6cyl. Mack engine,but newer and more power. I have a 475 Cat,18 speed ,but would like to sell that complete truck. Thought about newer Mack with newer suspension also. Right now have 13 speed RR and Neway air ride on the Superliner. Any help or ideas appreciated, or if someone has already had experience with this.
  2. Anyone have any experience with what will fit a Superliner,as far as updating rear suspension and frame. What model newer Mack would fit. Looking to change from sleeper back. Updated rears,suspension,brakes,wheels,etc.
  3. Started driving truck in 1974. Dumps,steel,van trailers. Like old trucks, have 2, old tractors,2 also. Would love to fly a sailplane. Like old Pontiacs and dirt track racing. Will be looking for help and info for my Superliner.
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