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  1. I had a little time to look into some of your suggestions on my 85R model This weekend checked for cracked rims all appear to be in good shape. Checked all Lugnuts everything was good and tight Jacked her up and got all drive tires off the shop floor and got her in gear and rotated the drive tires and forward and reverse truck was quiet as can be . The sound is definitely coming from the trunnion . As you let the truck down off the jacks Trunnion seems to be bound up making metal on metal sound What you can hear in the earlier video You can watch the trunnion having a hard time get
  2. Thanks, Fellas. Your help is much appreciated. We are extremely busy right now but as soon as I get some time I’m going to check out some of your suggestions. I’ll let you guys know what I figure out.
  3. I have jacked the truck up from the back and on the plate welded to the frame rails for pintle hook.
  4. Hi all. I’m new to the site and I’m looking for some help figuring out an issue with my 1985 R Model Mack Truck. I Purchased the truck a year ago and have been working on it. I only use it sparingly because it is pretty much my baby. I’ve been getting some snapping and popping noises when I’m driving it. I am no mechanic but it seems like a lubrication issue. I’ve tried all I know how to do to get it lubricated. I’ve tried greasing it when it was loaded. I’ve tried jacking the truck up and greasing it. I also took the cap off and cleaned out the old grease and put two new trunnion en
  5. Thank you very much. I cannot believe how difficult it is to find what I need. I appreciate the help.
  6. I am currently looking for an R Model Mack that has been refurbished or is in good condition. Years 86-89. Something with lower miles and preferably near Ohio. Finding it extremely difficult to find what I'm looking for. Would be great if anyone could give me some help. Thanks!
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