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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. :)

    For the MHD, personnaly, I haven't seen a single unit in the greater Montreal area :( However, we definitively see a lot of GUs around, 8x4 dump and mixer trucks (Demix/Holcim, Unibeton, for the larger companies but the small and medium size companies have bought significant numbers of GUs too).

    Last week, I even saw a brand new GU for Lafarge! I was wondering when they were going to start the replacement of their aging Paystars and older Mack models... Looks like it's kicking in slowly...

  2. FYI, the Granite in the background with the two-tones (green and sand) cab and the yellow mixer is a GU 714 tandem-tridem belonging to the Candian company Rolling Mix Concrete (operating in Western Canada). It's equipped with a 13 yd London Mixer, rear discharge. Extremely impressive rig!

  3. Just as I thought about the sleeper on the Titan. The sleeper sit's way up on the frame. Does not look good to me. They should put the sleeper right down to the frame and have it look like a mack mid roof sleeper but really its as tall as a mack hi rise sleeper. The sleeper on that Titan looks like an Rest Rite Sleeper. Alnye Trucking is milk hauler in my area and they had some 2006 CL700's with Rest Rite Sleepers and they looked awful. Before that they had some 2004 CL700's with a Mack 42" sleeper that looked awsome. Now they have 2009 CXU613 day cabs and 42" mack sleepers. They could'nt afford the Mack Titan!lol Just kidding becuase they lease all there tractors from Beam Mack at the Elmira Branch Office. They lease 50 to 60 tractors for 2 to 3 yrs or 300k miles then turn them all in and go for another batch of trucks from Mack. They alway had CL700 macks but this time they went with the CXU613's. Mack Ste Foy still in business? I have not heard from them in a long while. Also when Alyne ran superliners they bought some from mack ste foy. Mack Tech , I am still waiting on your answers to my post.:) Anybody here anymore prices on these Titans from your local dealers and who is buying them ?????????


    Still in business, according to the latest news...

    2 Titan in their inventory...


    For more shots of Mack trucks evolving between Montréal and Quebec City... (including some spot-checks on Mack Ste-Foy's parking lot, check this forum out ;-) Sorry it is in French, but the pictures are self-explanatory ;-) You can find me there too under the same nickname.


  4. I have seen one in QC, pulling for Granier Construction, a construction company based in the Montréal région. They run almost exclusively Mack (CL, Granite and a few older RB and RD; they have recently acquired one Titan, to replace one of their oldest CL)

    This Titan is a very impressing truck I must say. All the trucks are painted red with the Garnier logo on the door...


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