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  1. Henry

    Mack cabover

    I sold the 1977 Mack Cruise-Liner, it only lasted a few days, I have still been receiving phone calls about it , but sorry to say but it’s gone ! Thanks for calling and asking about it .
  2. My brother had a collection of old trucks and his R700 is the last one left. It was a factory ordered R700 with a 1693 cat 425 hp with a 13 speed on camelback , truck was ordered at York Mack in pa . Truck runs but needs some TLC , top of cab is rusted but the best part is it only has 320,000 original miles on it , it was bought just to pull a low bed trailer around for a small paving company. My brother was hurt really bad in a truck accident and my family has been selling off his collection . The mack is the last one to be sold . Like I said it needs a little work but it's a sweet old piece of trucking history ! I haven't seen another one with a factory cat engine in a R 700 ! We are asking for $6500.00 it will have to be towed home . Call or text me at 609-381-7795 truck is in monroeville ,nj 08343. SOLD ! Thanks for all the calls , we just sold it .
  3. Henry

    Mack cabover

    Swishy ,thanks for looking at my cruiseliner, no the truck has not been remanufactured, as for the painted clutch pedal I haven't a clue. But this truck is what you call a barn find ! Or rather a airplane hanger find , I use to work with the gentleman that owned this truck and in 1999 he decided he was done trucking. So he parked it in a airplane hanger for 18 years , periodically starting it up moving it . I happened to stop by and see him ,and he ask me if I wanted the mack to add to my collection of antique trucks , and I bought it . The truck is in absolutely beautiful condition, you have to realize its been inside out of the elements for 18 years . That's what saved this timeless classic beauty! Thanks for looking. I also have a 1975 mack R 700 with a factory ordered cat 1693 with a 13 speed on mack camelback , Iam thinking of selling the R 700 too.
  4. Henry

    Mack cabover

    Sodly thanks for looking at my mack cabover, I took a bunch more pics for you to look at but for some reason they won't show up . I will keep trying to send them . Thanks
  5. I have a 1977 Mack cabover Cruise-Liner for sale. It's a one owner truck bought new at Horner Mack in Vineland, NJ. It has a 300+ Mack with a Mack 12-speed on camelback. This truck is in beautiful condition, runs and drives great ! Interior is flawless and it has 10 new michelins on it! Asking $10,500.00. 609-381-7795 Henry
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