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  1. My brother had a collection of old trucks and his R700 is the last one left. It was a factory ordered R700 with a 1693 cat 425 hp with a 13 speed on camelback , truck was ordered at York Mack in pa . Truck runs but needs some TLC , top of cab is rusted but the best part is it only has 320,000 original miles on it , it was bought just to pull a low bed trailer around for a small paving company. My brother was hurt really bad in a truck accident and my family has been selling off his collection . The mack is the last one to be sold . Like I said it needs a little work but it's a sweet old pie
  2. Sodly thanks for looking at my mack cabover, I took a bunch more pics for you to look at but for some reason they won't show up . I will keep trying to send them . Thanks
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