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  1. Hi, I was searching for a Dodge diesel service for my friend. He is in Toronto. It seems that the engine has got some issues. Need to service it. I would like to get some suggestions about this. Does anyone know any good service providers? While searching, I came across a Dodge diesel service in Toronto, but I have not used their services. I'm unaware of the rates and facilities. Has anyone used it? If so, kindly share your experience. Waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance
  2. Can you please give the details of the model? So that I can give suggestions.
  3. Hi, It is a pleasure to join this forum. I love trucks to the most. I own two. I love to travel long distances. Looking forward to a great time of fun, discussion and learning with you guys. Thanks for accepting me to your midst. Cheers! Thanks a lot.
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