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  1. Need some help with tune up specs for a Mack 707. this is a fire truck engine, dual plugs and distributors. I am not sure what year it is or what particular model.  What is the "ENF" 707? Is this a 707B since it has dual plugs? It does have Delco-Remy distributors and coils, finned rigs that bolt onto a bracket with four bolts each.  Where do I find identifying info on the engine?  Also, need simple things like point gap and plug gap. It has Motorcraft A-7 in the left side, Autolite 315 in the right side.  Will Champion J8C work? Seems to me most of those old large engines took a J8...


    Thanks for the help...


    1. Firemack



      ENF 707 if a fire truck block, with dual iginition.

      I will check my spec book and get back to you with the proper info.

      You can switch over to electronic ignition, they make new replacement electronic ignition for the delco distributors you have and with positive ground.

      Also have a supplier for the cap, rotor, plugs and wires.

      I did this same work on a 1960 B model enf707.

      Replaced, with electronic ignition, new cap , rotor, wires, plugs, fuel filter,

      Runs much better