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  1. I have alot of 2V mack engin parts 237 300 most everything but blocks have cam lifter one new head remack i can get pic if there is something you are looking for. thanks
  2. Hi Im Dave I was luck from the start of my life to have a great Dad who took his chance at going into the trucking buss. after the comp he drove for started selling there truck. He put his money on a 1979 mack RD tri axle Dump with a 237 hp two stick sick speed in 1982. with the hopes that mack would feed three kids wife and keep a roof over are heads. He always was a great macn but cars and farm eq not a lot of big trucks but he was one of the best and I don't think he even let that part cross his mined. that said from the night we went and got the truck and I got to go with him . I have had mack running in my blood from that day. we worked on it everyweekend if it broke we fixed it and he took care of that mack . I didn't even know that there was other trucks. my life was mack and stiil is. thatnks to hi I have worked on mack and there is not anything we have not did in that time frame from 82 to today 1-2-217. that mack made me see just what mack trucks stodde for and they my life what it is today and I only have MY Dad and mack trucks to thank for the macks that made it all work out. in 95 I went and got cdl lic and it took two days and Now at 18 year old I got into the mack that started this all and not for the truck it is I think a lot would be diff and mack trucks made it all come together. and me a mack man from day one till hopefully long long from now I took that mack in 1995 and ran that truck from 95 to 2016 . we found one newer mack RB688s tri axle with dump baddy. I ran that 79 RD from 95 to when I got a 2003 mack ch613 E7 460 hp and that 79 mack ran all the way up to the winter of 2012 and I live mack and pulled lowboy up till I went to work for a great comp haling heavy iron and ended up I working on a lot of there mack and I went into there truck shop and they have mack from 1977,s to 2018,s and over 350 or more. I love macks . that RD 237 mack put three kids into school one me trade and two med school. for my Dad he didn't need anything to be the best dad anyone could have . he was that and would of did anything to do for his family. Mack just made his chance he took turn in to a great trucking comp he built of macks they never let us down even that first one that paved the way. thank you. I love you site its great.
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