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  1. Does anyone know where I can purchase a rooftop fairing for my 2011 cxu 613 mid roof sleeper?
  2. Does anyone have an idea of the cost to convert or change from the eaton 10 auto to the 12 speed M-Drive? Thanks!
  3. I got Mack to pm the truck before I picked it up. That filter got full early also. I take my truck to Goodyear for pm service and they're going to use the proper filters. Plus my fuel mileage is 5 to 5.3, could they be related?
  4. I have a 2011 cxu 613 pinnacle that was an old ctl tanker truck. I've noticed the glass bulb fuel filter fills fast. In my 05 century, I only changed it when I changed I changed the oil which was every 12000 miles. It seems with this Mack, I'm changing the filter about every 5000 miles. I've had the injectors and cups changed at 364664 miles and I've already had the pm service at 377000. It's at 385456 and its almost full again. Is this normal?
  5. I run flat ground with a 2011 cxu 613 and cant touch or smell over 5.4. New injectors and cups, with a automatic and 65mph. I dont understand.
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