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  1. Looking to buy my first big truck. Is this a good deal? What are things I should look for in a B series? thank you in advance http://fayar.craigslist.org/hvo/5899368798.html 1 running 1962 B-Model Mack and 1 none running 1962 B-Model Mack $3500
  2. Paul, It is I that should be thanking you, as yall were sent into combat with unproven weapons and crap gear. At least I had body armor and a M4. The curves are exactly what drew me to the B Series and they are fairly common and reasonably priced for a runner. My dream is to find one with a Integrated sleeper and convert it into a Extended Cab but im beginning to find that they are rare.
  3. Hello everyone, Just wanted to Introduce myself! I am a 13 year two tour vet that after driving Uncle Sam's big trucks (Oshkosh M978 Tanker and the various Mraps) have been considering purchasing a older truck to make into a hauler for my 1950 Pontiac for my family to enjoy. I have my eye on a couple of Mack B series in my area, but there is a Diamond T that's also got my interest Piqued. Hope to learn more about these Macks in the future. Oh, and my favorite movie growing up was Convoy, so I have a soft spot for Macks.
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