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  1. Million miles on a MP8?

    Well, the good thing is I've already had to replace the bullgear before it had 500k lol
  2. Million miles on a MP8?

    That is good to know! I just replaced the egr cooler. I have a 2001 Peterbilt, just contemplating if I should dump the Mack and just roll with the Pete. Trying to get different opinions.
  3. Million miles on a MP8?

    Yea I understand that, I just hear a lot of stories about of all these emissions, motors don't last as long like they used to.
  4. I got a 2012 Mack CXU613, I was just wondering how many miles people have on their trucks? I have 619,048 miles on mine. Was wondering if these new trucks can get a million before a rebuild?
  5. EGR/DPF delete

    macky, how did your truck perform after that was done? Were you rollin coal pretty good or what?
  6. EGR/DPF delete

    Anybody have experience with a EGR/DPF delete? I have a 2012 Mack pinnacle (mp8) What are the benefits? Downfalls?
  7. Engine Code

    I have a 2012. Thank you sir for answering. I've had this truck for a year now, it's been a good truck for me. Where can I find aftermarket stuff for macks? For example, exhuast manifold, exhaust systems etc.... Dynaflex said the freightliner kit might fit on the mack, and I can't really find anything with bully dog or anybody.
  8. Engine Code

    Anybody have familiarity with this code? Engine:128SA:0SPN:105 FMI:2 Charge air intake sensor is what I'm getting. Am I reading it wrong? Thanks everybody.