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  1. Hey thanks for all the help I have converted my tractors over to 12v an a few old cars I just wasn't sure about my Mack it was at one time 24 volt it has been converted to 12 volt negative ground  but who ever in the past done a bad job I have got to rewire the truck thire are cut an loose wires hanging every ware nothing works but I did get the factory radio working I thought that was amazing thanks for all the help from those who commented I am glad I joined this site it's amazing the knowledge y'all have the is a great resource for anyone who has never restored old road tractor thank alot

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  2. Hey thanks for the info it was a lot of help I'm going to buy the cowl board to do my head liner using what's left of mine for a pattern thanks for the help I was going to sell my truck but since joining this forum an the help of people like you has changed my mind thanks

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