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  1. I used an air hammer to loosen it but it's tearing the nut up pretty good Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you guys, I did find a OTC socket but now I'm having an issuer breaking the nut loose. The socket tends to slip off. Lol going to try heating it on Monday and see if that helps. Any other suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. hello all, this is my first time replacing king pins and i have a few questions. is there a special tool that is needed to remove the threaded cap that holds the pin in from the bottom? i used a air hammer to break it loose. also how do you set the adjustment of that nut? any help would be appreciated!
  4. problem found! it was actually a loose clamp at the air box! under higher boost it was pulling more air thru causing a squealing noise!
  5. i did have all of that removed and all new gaskets installed. but how do you know if that is the issue? i was thinking of commanding the egr closed and test drive, if that elbow was the issue on that case the noise would go away. but i do not have a scan tool for the bigger trucks so i cant do that. any other tips?
  6. hello, i recently had an issue with my 08 mack GU813 missing on 3 CYL. after testing i found the problem was the wiring harness, so i proceeded to replace the harness and while i was in there i also changed exhaust manifold and manifold gaskets due to them leaking. once everything was back together i ran the engine and found a boost leak at the vband on the turbo. i tried a new o-ring and the factory o-rings wouldn't seal so i placed a thicker o-ring in its place and i cant get an bubbles from around the flange while idled up with about 5-10PSI of boost. but when i drive i am still getting a boost leak squeel above 15psi. i cant seem to find this with the engine running. does mack sell a kit to attach an air line to the v-band fittings for boost leak testing?
  7. the harness is not brittle,and also i was unsure if i would loose any oil by running it with the valve cover off? it would definitely make it easier to find the problem if i could. also does anyone have the procedure for testing the injectors?
  8. Thanks guys, after i did some looking last night i decided to buy the high tension connectors for the injectors, so next step is to install them and and inspect all the wiring. does anyone have a diagram or picture of how the plug comes off of the back of the head. i can only fit my hands back there to fiddle with it but i cant get my eyes on it to see how it comes loose.
  9. i have a 08 Mack GU813 and it started missing on cyl 1,2, & 3 randomly. if you shut the truck of it may start running fine and then if you shut it off and re start it, it will start missing on all 3 CYL again. ive already removed the valve cover and checked all the plugs on the injectors and i found no damage at all. not sure where to go next with this.
  10. i will try and get some pictures as soon as i can.
  11. hello, im trying to figure out which rear ends are on my trucks. i have two 05' granite's and a 07' and 08' granite. where could i find this information? also what gear oil should i be using?
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