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  1. 7100 p pump stock plate

    I'm looking for a stock fuel stop plate from a 7100 Bosch p pump. Thank you! Call or text me at 248-613-8701 or 606-307-7520. Thank you!
  2. Needing to get a pair of cab shocks for the cab on 92 RD690s. Is Mack dealer the place to go or.....?
  3. New RD owner

    Appreciate that! Is 425's those wide wheels and tires?
  4. New RD owner

    Lol, training wheels..... That's a good one.
  5. New RD owner

    Thank you all.
  6. New RD owner

  7. New RD owner

    Tried 4 times, keeps saying a problem occurred uploading my pic. 93 carriers with 2 steerable air axles.
  8. New RD owner

    Hey all, been trucking for more years than I can count but just a week ago bought a Mack RD690S to haul logs with. It's a pure breed , EM7 275, 2080 tranny, 573 ratio on rubber walking beam.