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  1. Yep Elsa Made a user name on here and must have gotten the whole list of emails.. New user is RaskM and who ever can should kick that profile off the board.. It's a shame when this happens it does make the site look bad but that is when the security has to be slightly upgraded or master password to the webmail forum has to be changed..
  2. Sorry for the late response to a topic I started.. BUT.. After waiting 2 weeks I went another route, I really don't do the Ask 50 people in 1 day and then not reply.. However I found NEW glass,. And from what I'm told there are Either 8 more lefts and 2 rights or 8 more rights and 2 left windshields left in this mans stock.. I've found someone who "Wanted" $700 for a used left glass and he would not remove it or ship it , We would have to go down to PA to pay for it, take it out our self and if it breaks we own it.. Our New contact who had purchased a truck
  3. Looking to find an F model "or so I was told" left side windshield for an CF600FC 1972 Mack firetruck in the Chicago land area any help will be useful thanks
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