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  1. The truck is being sold by Allan Cohen , Im not sure if any of you guys know him. But he said the export market is big for Macks and thats why hes asking alot. Im still waiting on a ansewer for the U that I found.
  2. , 1973 Mack R-685ST463423 , I hope you have found the twin
  3. , I think I got a better deal. Truck and trailor for 3500! Im going to call today and see if it will make the trip home for sure. if so, I think ill keep them both and restore them.
  4. Here is another picture of the U model. Its really what im looking for ... besides a R. What should I tell the guy if its too much? Does anyone else think its too much. Nothing new on it , nothing rebuilt.
  5. What was the last production year for the U ? And the B ? This is a picture of the 7500 U model. Seee what yall think
  6. Got it , well I know there asking too much for the U model. A old truck like that just isnt worth 7500 without any new parts or a rebuild.
  7. Thats really what I want! That is a picture of the truck I would like to have.
  8. , You got it , Big Nasty's R model. I found a s/a 5 speed blue Mack, U model. I think its a 76' , how much should a old work U model mack like that cost , they want 7500. Also , whats the big differnce besides the way the cab sits on the R and the U . Why did Mack make those two differnt trucks almost the same.
  9. I want a truck like the R in convoy. Not exact. Just a single axle , 5 speed with a tall air cleaner . If any of you guys have heard or seen one please let me know. I just want one that can drive on the road, then restore someday maybe.
  10. , I look all around and online for one. Im looking for a roadable one with a 5 speed S/A . But cant find a one. Id like to have one just like the one in Convoy that pulled the doubles.
  11. Were the Single axle R model common ? Well even more , with a 5 speed trans. ? Im looking into buying one but I cant ever find one.
  12. Is there a 5 speed single stick for a B model that can be switched out with a 15 speed duplex thats in the truck? And , does anyone know where I can find a 5 speed trans for the B?
  13. Yeah , I tell you , when im slowing down , as when i always get the yellow then quick red light I pull it out of 5 and then it wont go into another gear until i almost come to a stop, then it hits 1 again. Its going to be a little while before I get a chance to change the speedometer and RPM guage in it. But I wont give up on the old dog. I just need more time behind the wheel just to have a open road and can do what I need. Thanks
  14. First chance I get , I will get the RPM guage fixed. That sould do it with the help you guys gave. I will let you know how it worked out in a few days . Thanks
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