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  1. My family had a saw mill in the Dear Creek area of Craig Mountain, northwest of Winchester, Idaho on the Salmon River breaks, which ceased operations in the early 1960's. My dad and his three brothers grew up there, which kind of explains the context of our attitudes and ethics regarding work, the timber industry and the world of trucks. Generally speaking, we would probably be identified as KW people, but there Diamond T's and a variety of makes in the logging truck fleet. My father enjoyed developing land for residential and commercial purposes and opened the Riverpointe development in late 1990's to promote the Hells Gate area of the Hells Canyon and the communities located there. The development property has two large deposits of Columbia river basalt, one with the common grey/green five sided columns and a second with more unusual red basalt with wavey lines on the long axis. I purchased the column chucker in 2004 as a means of delivering and setting columns for landscaping and water feature installments in the region, which is how I came to appreciate the Mack product. The "Chucker" never let me down and has gracefully accomplished every challenge I put before it. In the course of spending countless hours working the truck, I came to really appreciate it and consider it to be one of the best. I would under normal circumstances keep the truck and continue to use it, but economic reality dictates that it must be sold, and I have joined the forum to that end.
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