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  1. I have a older friend who has machined a piece to fit. But would also like to try and find an original. So another big hurdle is trying to figure out how to time it. I did not remove the pump so I will be starting from scratch and trying to figure out someone elses mess. This is the truck in question. We call her Fancy Lady since it is scribed on the headboard.
  2. I have not seen a mack tag on the truck. I have contacted the "local" scania dealers. They are usually have no idea or just dont care enough to help. It is turbo charged. And used to be a screamer. When I was alot younger I remember riding in this truck passing 18 wheelers on the interstate. And the look in their eyes was pure surprise. I am related to a Rick Kilgore but he is not the same. Although I wish he was.
  3. Thank you. I will look it up under that.
  4. I believe under Mack hood this Engine is considered a END475 or a END465.
  5. I have a 1956 B model fire engine. This truck has been sitting in my fathers collection for roughly 15 years and has not ran in 8 to 10 years. I have now tasked myself to getting this truck running due to I can't stand watching her waste away. I am relatively new to this site and ask for guidance in my quest to locate the one part that is keeping me from getting her back on the road. So the story.... About 10 years ago my dad took this truck to a parade and on his way home he stopped to get fuel. This turned out to be a bad idea and he wound up with some muddy fuel from a leaking underground tank. This truck runs a Scania Vabis (DS8 R 03). When the bad fuel was put in her she quite basically on the spot. My dad paid a old Mack mechanic to repair her and he took the injection pump and the external short drive shaft off and sent it to a pump shop. My dad got into it with the pump shop over them charging him 3 times what they initially quoted him so he got mad and told them to kick rocks. After several years (like 6 or so) I received the pump after negotiating with the owner and was not given that external shaft back. I questioned them on this and basically was told to get lost. I have had a friend of a friend who works at this shop look for it and he states he cant find it. The shaft i am talking about is what seems to time it. It has to be about three to four inches long with two bolts that bolt to the injection pump and a keyed shaft on the engine side. So my questions are. 1. What is the technical name for this part? ( I feel like I have looked for this part under every conceivable name and can not find it.) 2. Does anyone know where I can locate one for a reasonable price? 3. Or does anyone have one for sale or know of someone who does? 4. And finally if not does anyone know of a parts book with info or dimensions to make one or a suitable substitute forit.
  6. Haven't been able to really find a Scania forum. But I prolly haven't look super hard either. Still kinda new to the whole scania thing. I hate to say Inherited this mess of a job from another person so just now trying to figure it out.
  7. The closest dealer is 2 hours away. I just seeing if anyone had any info for quick reference. I'm more than capable to put the pump in just not sure on how to time this particular brand. And im not huge on paying some outrageous price for a mechanic. I am going to call them Monday to see if I can get any info from them. I'm not banking on them having anything since this truck is 60 years old. And I did ask the question but was trying to move it to the correct forum since it was a engine question.
  8. I have a 1956 B model with a Scania DS8 in it. Some one removed the injection pump and I need to put it back on. I need all the info on how to make sure its in time or what to do to get it in time? Any info would help.
  9. Kilgore20

    Scania DS8

    I have a 1956 B model with a scania DS8 in it. Some one removed the injection pump and I need to put it back on. I need all the info on how to make sure its in time or what to do to get it in time? Any info would help.
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