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  1. Thought I would pass this along to those interested with the finances. http://www.perkasiefd.org/images/truck4sale.pdf
  2. I have had her out and about quite a lot. Some little bit of work done to the body courtesy a local detailer. More pics are up on the site. Have to get her out on a good sunny day. Also setting up a site to rasie money to put into her. http://www.geocities.com/savemackladder/ My cousin in law is in hydraulics and is offering help. I can't wait to be able to put that ladder up again!
  3. Thanks on both! I just got the rebuilt starter back today. I am hoping to get it back in this weekend so that I can move her around more easily. I have a long list of items to work on before we work on getting her totally repainted, but she is a blast to drive still. I just need to start working on all the systems on it to assure it will be safe to take places. I will continue to post as I do the work and keep up on the pics where I can. Thanks again for the "welcome"!
  4. I am not sure if it is for every older mack like it is for fire trucks, but if you contact the Mack Museum (info on their website). They should have information about your truck or atleast the model I would think.
  5. Did you find the exact cause? I know I had our starter rebuilt due to never being cleaned. Seems that the starter is supposed to be taken apart regularly and cleaned out.
  6. My fire company recently purchased back a 1955 (some say 56) B85 Mack 707 Thermodyne Ladder Truck (seen in my avatar). A lot of pics are located on my website at: http://www.vinniemiller.com/ladder2.htm. It is currently all orgional except for the beacon which we have and need to repair. It is only on the first steps of restoration, but it is far from not running. She may not look great now, but I know all of us think she is just gorgeous. Enjoy the pics. I will update from time to time when I get more pics as repairs/restoratoin go on. I am also a new member thanks to Firemack!
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