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    DPF filters

    Working with various year models, find DPF filters all have different part numbers, aware of frequency of parts and numbers changing. However my filters numbers cross to completely different numbers each time. Question is if filters are visably the same in composition but have a different number, be it from a different year or from a older dry regen model are they usable on another truck? I do notice the only difference is the older dry filter is about an inch taller.
  2. 2007 Mack LE613 AI 350 engine, truck wouldn't start in morning but all ign came on but no starter. Several people tapped on starter trying to get to start then everything went out even ign lights and dash. I replaces starter and have gone over wiring, fuses relays modules. I can jump out relays and get ign lit up but wont turn starter, can manually spin starter from solenoid but don't thing power to pumps........
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