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    Have 2 1985 rw613
  1. Thanks for the help and advice. I'm going to try and rig up an electric wiper motor.
  2. I have a 1987 Mack MH. The passenger side wiper quit working. Nothing available from Mack. Does anyone know if you can switch from air to electric?
  3. Thanks for the help I called manders they had one.
  4. I have a 85 rw613 that had a 12 speed.i replaced the 12 speed with a t2130 installed the new trans, found that the hole in floor is about a foot behind the shift tower on trans,there is a extender but mack said no longer available . I have been told that most CL Macks have this extender on them when new. If anyone could help me find one I would greatly appreciate it, thank you
  5. Thanks, I'm new to BMT, but that's my truck. Thanks for the post!