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  1. I pulled the last injector out and the first injector out. Last one is definitely not shooting enough fuel out. There is fuel coming out of the last injector. But not near as much as the first one. So I think it's going to be time to pull the pump off and send it out to get rebuilt.
  2. Ok sounds good. I really appreciate all the help. I already got over 1,500 bucks into the motor and it's still not running right. So I'm giving it a break for the moment to restock some money. In the meantime I'm running all new wires, and switches. Way cheaper lol. Thank you everyone. I greatly appreciate all the help. Get to learn something new everyday and that's why I got this old pig (;
  3. Thank you guys for all the great info. So how do I fix that last plunger on the injection pump to get more pressure out of it. Can I fix it in the truck, or take the injection pump out and get it redone. If I take it out, can anyone help me threw all the steps of taking it out. I found the head gaskets and all the top end gaskets threw http://www.wattstruckcenter.com/store/index.php?route=product/category&path=59 ask to speak to barry. He is excellent and sends everything you need. Not cheap at all. But what else you going to do? haha.
  4. Hi guys. Wanted to start off with so happy I found this forum and joined hoping I can help people out and hoping people can help me out! lol. I have a b61 mack truck. Its been sitting for years. I pulled it in the garage, turned the motor over and found out I have a stuck valve, which bent the push rod. Fixed all that. While I was in there I checked the pistons and everything and everything looked good and moved great. I got the head redone, all new gaskets and everything. Went to start it again and found out the plungers in the injection pump are stuck. Seen a guy on here said to put a screwd
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