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  1. From the album: jeds

    Frieghtliner with Trail Eze trailer
  2. From the album: jeds

    1980 GMC General Project Plan to use this in place of the single axle Frieghtliner
  3. First trip to the show in Ottumwa
  4. Hi Mike, I enjoyed visiting with you at the show in Ottumwa. Hope to see you again sometime.
  5. Superdog, i tried to send you a message about the June 13th show. I don't think it sent it.
  6. Thanks for all the information. I will look for the numbers and let you know as soon as I can get them. Thanks again for the help. Jim
  7. Yes it is. Just south of town
  8. Hi Thanks for the repys. I will see if I can find the numbers on the trans in the next day or so. I will post them when I find them. If it is a triplex is there any combination I should avoid using? My profile pic is a pic of the truck I am asking about. Thanks again for your help. Jim
  9. Hi, Awesome site here, looks like a lot of information is held here. My first of many question to come. Just brought home a 1965 B 61 twin screew I has the 5 speed main but it seems like the aux is a 3 speed it will not shift over left and up. Could this be right? There is no shift pattern plate. Thanks J
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