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  1. 20 hours ago, tjc transport said:

    Barry, i was wrong in saying "new format" .

    what i should have said was new theme. 

    the appearance of the new theme is just different enough to make you think hmmmmm what is different? 

    but with it also came a few things that moved to unseen locations, like the sign out button.

    It is actually a default theme from IPB so when they make changes, we get them, LOL!  The other fellow above was talking about the mobile format.


    13 hours ago, h67st said:

    Barry, we do appreciate you hosting this website and maintaining it. Thank you!!

    No problem!  We enjoy doing it!  I know everyone hates change, but we have to keep the software up to date or risk security issues!

  2. It's not a new format...we actually removed Tapatalk due to concerns of off sure data mining and security issues.  Tapa is owned and operated by the Chinese.  I can re-enable it but I need to do some more research first.

  3. We did just get a minor security upgrade that contained a few visual changes.  I'll have more time to point them out on Tuesday but if something is wrong or you can't find what you are looking for, just ask here!




  4. I actually turned Tapatalk off due to some reports that it is owned by a Chinese company and may have security issues.  Also, the new forum software is completely responsive to phone and tablet screens so Tapatalk is redundant.  I am curious to know how many members actually use Tapatalk also?

  5. Hey guys!  I made some upgrades to the member profile pages!  When you have some time, be sure to go to your profile page and edit your info...I added spaces for detailed info and photos of your trucks, info about you and your interests and also a small field to list your main truck that you want listed under your avatar on every post!  It has to be brief so it doesn't mess with the forum margins.

    You can get to your profile by clicking your username anywhere in the index or from your username at the top of every page!  Once there, click Edit Profile at the top right corner of your profile.

    If you have any questions or problems...let me know!!

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  6. I know you guys wanted a dark theme for a while now...I was finally able to get one built!  You can check it out in the THEME button at he bottom of every page...click on Blackout.  OEM will take you back to the light theme if you don't like it!


    Enjoy and stay safe!!

  7. Sorry guys, we aren't able to make the Lititz show at Gerharts this year due to lack of help!  We just don't have enough people to load the truck and make the trip for the weekend.  If anyone was hoping for us to be at the show, please call in your order and we will be able to give you a special "NO SHOW" Deal!

    I apologize in advance for any inconveniences.  We will miss seeing all of our regular customers and meeting new customers!  We are planning to be at Macungie in 2020...missing this show gives us about 8 months to get more people hired and trained! 

    Again, if you needed something at the show, give us a call!  Mention this post and we will fix you up with a special discount and/or free shipping!



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