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  1. I am highly disappointed with the 2011 model Trident and the level of service provided to the company for which I work. This truck has been nothing but a lemon since the day it was delivered to us. Parts falling off, not working, failing prematurely and when we have taken it back to the dealer for repair action we often are told "we dont know what is going on, no one else is having these problems". The exhaust stacks have fallen off 5 times, the cover on the SCR unit has fallen off 4 times the PTO was not fitted correctly and has never worked properly since the day it was delivered which has caused the failure of 2 PTO pumps, water pump housings eaten away by cavitation, internal door pannels fallen off. The latest and best so far was a nut coming off of a timing gear internal to the engine causing the gear to wear into the metal housing sending hand fulls of shavings through the oil system. I delivered the truck to the dealer with one of the technicians walking out to the truck and able to tell me what the probelm would be just from the noise it made right down to what gear it would me...... seems like a known probelm ..... We were provided a short motor under warranty but no relacement was offered for the items that have all now, undoubtably had been subjected to oil entrained with metal. What is the cost to a company of having a truck and three trailers off the road for 3 months? built tough for Australian conditions???? BULLCRAP!!!
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