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  1. Can you give me the name and number of your dealer? I talked to my dealer about doing something like that. They said it couldn't be done. Maybe if my dealer talks to your dealer, they will learn how to do it?!?
  2. Looks like I have the Borg Warner fan. Big round aluminum piece between the fan and the pulley. But, the front of the fan is dry. Dosent look like it's leaking oil.
  3. The water valves are closed. There is actually 2 of them, wasn't expecting that! But, they are both closed. And, I'm not sure which fan it has. I'll look in the morning and let you know. Thanks for the replies and ideas.
  4. Ok, I think I found it. There is two switches right next to each other on the black line. Not sure if it's the high or low pressure line. There is a silver (aluminum) line and a black line. Any ideas on which switch it could be? And also, I remember unplugging the switch on the dryer and jumping it out, on other older trucks. Could I do something like that for a day or so, just to try it out? Just trying to make sure of what the problem is before I go back to the dealer and explain them their job!
  5. I don't have one. No electrical on the dryer, only hoses. But, thanks though!
  6. Now see, that's what I was thinking too! Guess I will make a call to my local dealer and try to go over the service guys head. I hate to have to do it that way. But, like I said, its a $120,000 truck with ac problems. And I would understand if it was some sort of a brand new system, that nobody knows anything about. But, it ac, its been around a long time, and it isn't that complicated! On a side note, I was talking to a friend of mine that has a new 2015 Granite. His truck was doing the same thing mine is now. He took it to the same dealer as mine. They found a bad fan and expansion valve. Replaced both, now his blows 36 degrees at the vent sitting or driving.
  7. Mine is doing the same thing. We really need to figure this out! I just post a thread titled New truck, no ac, dealer says its normal?
  8. Ok, here is the deal. We recently got a new 2015 pinnacle. It has the 505 horse MP8, the M-Drive auto tranny. I drive this truck everyday and I love it. But, now that its getting hotter outside, I noticed that the ac doesnt work as well as it should. If Im driving the truck down the road, I will get vent temps of right around 40 degrees. Which is great! But, when Im sitting, getting loaded, or waiting on something, the vent temps get up to about 60 degrees. I was kinda debating on taking it back to the dealer. I mean it IS working, it could be much worse, don't want to be a cry baby kinda thing. But, then I got to thinking. We paid $120,000 for the truck, and the ac wont work??? So yeah, it went back. The first time it went in, they said it was 40 at the vents sitting or driving. All the pressures were fine, nothing wrong with it. Then I reminded them that the day they tested it, it was only 60 degrees that day. Its not real hard to cool to 40 if you start at 60! They said bring it back on a hotter day. So, the other day it was about 95, and I take it back to them. Park outside, walk in, explain the whole story to them, and they tell me that there is noting wrong with it. That's common, some trucks are just like that. I tell them that I think its an airflow problem. If I rev the truck up a couple hundred rpms and hold it there for a while, it starts to get cooler. Like maybe the fan isn't kicking on or something? They tell me that the head pressure controls the fan. Once the head pressure gets to about 300-350, the fan comes on and brings the pressure back down. About the only advise he could really give me was "if your going to be sitting for a while, just kick the rpms up and set the cruise control"! Im looking for ideas. I had an idea of adding a electric fan that would kick on when the compressor was on. But there isn't really any room in front or behind the radiator. PLUS, that would probably kick out any warranty. Though about unhooking the electric to the fan that's there now. That should make it stay on all the time. Try that for a day or so, just to see if it helps or not. But worried that it will trip the check engine light. Thought about going back to the dealer and throwing a fit, but not sure that will help either. Anybody have any more ideas???
  9. New mud flaps on the front of the trailer to keep the crap off of the truck. Pulling a cement tanker. And heres one at home.
  10. This is just a tool box pic on the new truck. But, it uploaded perfectly on the first try using the opera web browser. So, the problem must be with IE11.
  11. Ok, I just tried it on another forum and it worked fine. Copy the link from photobucket, went to another forum, paste the link, the link showed up in the reply box, then I previewed the reply, and it was there. So, I tried it again here. When I paste the link here, nothing happens, the link doesnt show up. I tried all four links that photobucket gave me, none of them worked. Just found out I am running IE11. And Farmer mentioned that.... So, it looks like that is the problem.
  12. Thanks Farmer, but it wouldn't let me. I clicked on the link, the link turn a different color, said copied. But wouldn't let me paste it here.
  13. This is the truck right after I picked it up. Since then I brought it back home, had to have the "pto prep kit" installed, and a new wet kit. I also upgraded to the performance shift transmission. And also, on a side note, what is the best/easiest way to add photos on here? I have photobucket that I use on other forums, but it didn't seem to want to work on here? Granted, I don't use it very much, so I may have been doing something wrong myself.
  14. Just wanted to drop a line and say hi to everybody. My boss just bought me a new 2015 CHU 613 with the 505C and m-drive. We are a heavy haul company, usually grossing out around 123,000 pounds. So, we got the 14,600 fronts and the 46,000 rears. Also upgraded to the biggest frame we could get. It also has the air ride suspension and 3.58 gears. Its quite a step up from my old truck. 2000 CL713, 460 horse, 18 speed, spring ride double frame, log riding son of a ........ Well anyway, just wanted to say hi. I hope to learn a lot about my new truck here.
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