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  1. I need to contract a move for the B61 Wrecker I just bought. Loose schedule for pick up and delivery. The truck will start and drive but has only parking brakes. Not looking for a dedicated haul on a semi flat bed but maybe a shared ride with another vehicle coming from Hot Springs area to Memphis? Low budget preferred. The truck weighs about 14,000 lbs, 8' wide 9' tall 19' length. Loading and unloading assistance available. Pick up will be in a large gravel lot and delivery will be to a residence on 5 acres in the country. 40 ft shipping containers have been delivered to the destination.
  2. Thanks for all your comments. I need some suggestions about what trailer/truck combinations might be used to bring this truck 200 miles to my home. I have ruled out my 1991 F Super duty with 7.3 IDI and my equipment trailer with 2 7,000 lb axles. Factory specs list a 2017 F-350 maximum loaded trailer weight of about 21,000 and GCWR of almost 29,000. I don't have a CDL but I'm not sure I need one. With the B61 weight about 14,000 lbs my guess is a loaded trailer might go up to 19,000. I think that puts me into dual wheels on two axle trailer. Will the truck/trailer combo put me over 26,000 GCVW and require a CDL? Or does the 26,000 limit just cover the GVW of the truck and not the loaded trailer? Or do I need to hire a carrier? The only brakes on the B61 are parking brakes.
  3. What year was this B61 T 4800 made? It has regular cab, diesel 6 cyl and duplex with single rear axle. Any idea what the cab and chassis weigh? I'm guessing about 2,000 for the wrecker body. Thanks. Joe
  4. I've never seen so many quick responses in a forum!! Thanks to all who replied. Based on your info I am charging ahead with the purchase. If all goes well I should have it delivered in a few weeks or so.
  5. I am looking at buying a 1958 B61 with Quad. The diesel engine won't run and I'm not sure if it is stuck or not. Front end damage kept me from putting a socket on the crank to check. I am going back with a wrench next time. I can shift into all the gears in the main transmission but I can't get into any gears in the quad. All the glass has been busted out for a long time and I don't know if rain could have caused some trouble leaking down the sticks. The rubber boots on the sticks seem to be in fairly good condition but who knows? Could there be damage to the quad - water or whatever? Thanks.
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