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  1. buy the mack it is still the best truck made and by far the easits to work on as of the new trucks go there is a company here that bought 4 of those freightliners that no bodys having any trouble with thouse wounderful detroits  there a 18 months old and are being traded on macks better service and not in the shop twice a week   that being said if you have a old truck and are able to rebuild it do it           ps.....   ks.......  when theres any thing better than a mack made mack will mace it

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  2. we have are own shop as well as trucks we work on all the new trucks the macks are still the simplest to work on the macks are not I repeat not having the trouble the Volvos are....I know there the same im getting tired of hearing that shit...freightliner is anightmare 3year old trucks and there wore out ...are new mack will be built on the 20th and it was a easy choice to make looking at all and I mean others

  3. I drive a 94 cl 600 every day went to antram diesel got my turbo and injectors about 9 years ago and tis truck is a joy to drive there aint no 500 that want any parts of this truck and I haul between 83to 850000......and it has 2million miles on it

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