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  1. old tractors that arent tractors anymore
  2. Thanks to all this is defintly a good place to start. I've heard that since the later 09's the was and air sys. hooked in to the 7th injector but i didn't know that the early 08's could be upgraded. truck only has a little over 200,000 mi. and just about 5000 Hrs. Our season will be over soon (paving) so it looks like i'll have something to do in the off season. Thanks Wayne
  3. New to the age of electric everything in a truck. I first started driving a 68 mack DM with a quadraplex tranny back in mid 70's. since then i've driven just about every make and model of truck and tranny the've made and owned several macks and Kw's. Now I'm running an 08 pinnacle daycab with the 485 Mp8 with an eaton 18 speed and eaton 4:10 rears pullin a hot oil tanker from central pa to warren pa every day. one way empty (159 mi.) and 79000Lbs plus back. The truck pulls great but constantly needs to regen and have the 7th injector cleaned. while it takes a little over 3 hrs each way to drive it's a constant up hill pull and down hill jake on,and everyday the truck needs to have a stationary regen when i get back. i've been reading your forums a while before joining and have read where people have simular problems but not quite the same. also noticed there are some pretty good wrenchers on here. Just wondering if the DPF could be plugged in the muffler. The one i drive has the DPF in the muffler behind the cab. Also which of the 3 sections is the DPF in. Thanks Wayne
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