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  1. New filters and draining fuel tank-man that stuff is nasty! Thinking Fuel treatment for added lubrication might be good idea any recommendations ?
  2. Got it fixed had 3 stuck up took screwdriver and popped em down. Started it still ran wide open. Took apart had 2 stuck up did again started and idled. Thanks a bunch for the help
  3. thanks for the help. Here is picture of my pump,my side plate is larger than 6x2 just want to be sure am in right spot also is this just cover and nothing going to fall out. Probably silly ? But new to me am going slow.
  4. Have 300 in 1982 sits a lot. Starts but won't shut off and runs full throttle - glad it was in gear! Looking for help on what's stuck in pump. Shut-off and throttle move ok on pump. Thanks
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