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  1. Fjh I’m still waiting on Mack to figure out what’s wrong with my truck I am so aggravated it’s not funny, I guess I am going to have to contact someone higher up to see what my options are I’m ready for Mack to replace this truck been dealing with this since December I believe I have a lemon 🍋
  2. I will definitely let you guys know how it turns out so if anyone else has this problem it might help them.
  3. A cracked dpf can would make sense since all my problems started after a parked regen.
  4. Update , so this week dsm was suppose to be here but didn’t show up but he did send a low power template for them to download so had a mechanic ride with me with the laptop hooked up, they cannot figure out what is causing the scr fault everything checks out they said it is making too much nox and it’s dosing massive amounts of def to compensate for the nox but they don’t know why. They have 3 other trucks with the same problem and nobody knows what to do,so again we play the waiting game waiting on Mack to analyze all the data.the mechanic said there was a update for my truck but e-service told him not to do it till they look at all the data. I hope the right person looks at all the data and figures this thing out soon don’t know how much more i can take!
  5. Mackpro that’s a good question I will make sure they check that out, the turbo failed calibration and they said it was the actuator but you can’t get just the actuator so they replaced the whole turbo, they finally told me what codes it throwed one was for the engine brake and one for clutch slipping 10 times not sure what that’s all about. Dsm suppose to be here this week.
  6. So I’m driving my truck and I noticed the def gauge is already on 3/4 of a tank and was full when I left,next thing I know it’s at half a tank then I notice the engine light comes on so I called GuardDog connect and they said it was a scr fault and nox sensor and something about it over dosing the def fluid said I should get to the dealer ASAP or it would de rate. I called the dealer and took it back once again,the service manager said this might be what’s been causing the problems I’ve been having so I guess we will see. He said e-service wanted to put the truck on a dyno but they don’t have one so they are sending a program to download to their computer to hook to truck to record everything it is doing. I hope we are getting close fingers crossed.
  7. Fjh I have the truck a week then the dealer has it for a week been like this since December 26th, you are right about my dealer they have been great and are doing what they can I talked to the service manager today and he is still waiting on e-service to get back to him with what he submitted to them last Thursday,he promised the district manager will be here next week and we will get this thing figured out. I asked him what he thought the problem was and he thinks it’s a injector problem. I will keep you guys updated as soon as I find out something.
  8. I’m still waiting on my dealer andMack they still haven’t told me what codes it threw , I’m beyond frustrated I feel like I have been put on the back burner I guess I need to find out who to call at Mack at take matters into my own hands I’m tired of the run around!!
  9. Mackpro have you noticed any soot in the exhaust pipes on any of the 2018 trucks? I was washing mine the other week and I noticed mine looked dark inside so I got a ladder and run my fingers in the exhaust end and they came out light black, I thought they were suppose to be squeaky clean, or is this something new for the common rail engine? a friend of mine has a 2016 granite and his pipe is clean as can be.
  10. Thanks Mackpro, they have replaced the dpf filter and the turbo still have low power talked to service manager yesterday and he said it had finally throwed some codes and he said they sent the print out to Mack and was waiting to hear back from them. I asked what codes it showed he said he hadn’t looked at them yet hope to find out something this morning.
  11. I think you are right fjh 🤣🤣 my engine brake isn’t working like it’s suppose to also because the engine isn’t getting full power, who knows why🤔
  12. I talked to my dealer this morning he said he talked to his district manager and it was going to be 3 weeks before he could come to the dealership to look at my truck,this is getting ridiculous, he did tell him some things to check so my truck is back over there again.it wouldn’t be as bad if Mack would give me a loner truck I could use while they experiment on my truck! I don’t know if they are ever going to figure this thing out!!
  13. It is very sad I sold my 1988 rd Mack to buy this granite the 88 never let me down I should have kept it,so far my 2018 has been back to the dealer more times than my old 88 ever was in the 30 years I owned it! I bought a new truck so I wouldn’t have any Down time, so much for that!!
  14. Update dealer installed new turbo and I picked up the truck got a load on it and it is basically the same as it was before, when you start into a hard pull the turbo sound gets real faint and the truck starts lugging and vibrating so bad that every thing on the truck rattles,fuel mileage did increase after the new turbo before New turbo it was 3.8 mpg after 5.4 when it was running like it’s suppose to I was getting 7.4 mpg. Called dealer he said he doesn’t know what else to do so he is going to have his district manager to come by and ride with me and we will go from there, this is getting very frustrating truck has 10,150 miles on it now and should not be having these problems!!
  15. Thanks fjh yes they have been working with e service and I think they have finally figured it out they called me this morning and said the turbo failed calibration so Mack said to put a new turbo on it. I told them from day one the turbo wasn’t working right so hopefully this will fix it, they have the turbo ordered so it will be next week before I know anything
  16. You said a mouthful there!! I just came from the dealer they wanted me to test drive it to see if that fixed the problem took a mechanic with me we went to the rock quarry and got a load of stone problem is still there when you start into a hill turbo just goes away highest boost i saw was 37 so back to the shop again!! I guess it’s working just good enough not to throw any codes but not working right if that makes any sense, so I guess they will check the turbo and the mechanic said something about reprogramming the ecm so we play the waiting game again!
  17. Update, after 2 weeks of my truck sitting in the shop at the dealer Mack decided that the dpf filter is bad so they finally got the new filter in this morning and are in the process of getting it all back together and testing it out. I hope this is the fix, this down time is killing me I will post another update when I find out something. Fingers crossed
  18. They didn’t do a smoke test every thing they have done has been with the computer. I’m waiting on Mack now the are doing remote diagnostics to see if the dealer missed anything.
  19. I haul asphalt and idle a lot and most of the trips are short hauls so it could not do a regen on the go
  20. I have a 2018 Mack granite with the mp7 425M engine and Mdrive HD transmission and I’m having problems with low power it all started after a parked regen truck doesn’t have the power it had before the regen, the turbo just dies when you hit a hill,whistle is real faint went to the dealer and they hooked up the laptop no codes at all everything checked out boost was around 35 but the engine isn’t getting the boost fuel mileage is terrible and pyro temp is up by about 200 degrees. Truck has 9,000 miles on it dealer doesn’t know what to do so they called Mack and they don’t know what it could be either. Does anyone have any ideal what could be wrong? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  21. I found the problem clamp on hose to turbo was broke put on new clamp and all is good now
  22. I have a 1988 RD690S With a EM6275L engine was having low power black smoke and high pyro temps, took it to Mack dealer they found a crack in the charge air cooler and said turbo wasn`t working like it should so they replaced it. The truck runs alot better but seems like it has turbo lag. when pulling a hill it doesn`t have the power it use to have. I have changed the air filter and fuel filters and checked the fuel pressure 40psi and checked all the hoses. injectors have been pop tested and all is good, pump rebuilt not long ago. the pyro is where it should be but to me it is smoking more than it use too not real black smoke but dark. anybody have any idea`s what we are over looking? I just dont want to throw parts at it, also this truck doesn`t have a puff limiter it has the robert bosch pump with lda valve and it has a brass fitting coming out of the intake where a puff limiter would be,it has an air line going through it and goes to the lda valve on injection pump, i took air line loose and sucked on the line to see if diaphram in pump is ok. I took the fitting out and it has a spring and ball in it i cleaned it and put it back in. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Thank guys I will try the wire first and if that don't work I'll pull the tray out
  24. Hello, I have a 1988 RD690S Mack dump truck and the air condition drips water in the floor, I have checked the drain under the hood and it`s clean, a little water does come out of it but most of it goes in the floor. Can anybody tell me how to fix this? Thanks!
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