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  1. Hello all, I am looking at purchasing an '03 mack cx612. First question is the turn signals blow the fuse everytime they are used. I have not looked at the wiring yet but was wondering if there are any common problem spots in the turn signal circuit. Second question. The engine is a E7-460-P. What does this mean and how reliable are these engines. It has just shy of 800k on it and the current owner bought it at 400k. He has never had to do anything to this engine. Is it a "million mile" engine or is it ready to blow?. It has been sitting for awhile and was quite cold when I started it. It did not smoke at all and started easily. It did seem to have a "tic" in the top of the engine toward the back. Valve train noise? Normal or not? The owner is not a mechanic and said it has sounded like that sense he had it. He is offering me a very reasonable deal. Should I run or buy. I Know it is a lot of questions but I would really appreciate any help on this.
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