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  1. Hi there, Whenever I'm driving on high speeds and want to downshift from 5th to 4th I hear a grinding noise, is it me? or the transmission. Here's what I do... I downshift from 8-7-6-5 then it's time to go to lower speeds, then I pull down the little front stick and Immediately I hear this grinding sound, as I continue to switch to 4th gear, it takes a couple of seconds to get quiet. Thank you for your input.
  2. I own a 2000 Mack Cl 713 with an 18 spd transmission, since last week the weather has been really cold in Massachusetts and after I warm it up and decide to drive off the transmission makes a weird (like grinding) sound and doesn't take the gears, sometimes I'm able to place the gear but It won't drive (with the gear on it's like it was still in neutral), at the end after a couple of tries and lots of patience I am able to drive off by playing with it, But when I am loaded it is a real Odyssey, today I wasn't able to even work 'cause It wouldn't take any gears when loaded. Any HELP would be g
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