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  1. I bought some land and digging out a pond. a friend of mine let me use his 1971 mack pickup. it hadn't been ran in 5 years but with 2 new batteries it started right up. it works good but we can't seem to get it in reverse. he said that it was all the way left and away from you (or down). i tried it for about 45 minutes today and it doesn't seem like it's there. i tried to the left and back, to the right and forward, and to the right and back and can't seem to find a reverse anywhere. does anyone know where reverse is or if it is to the left and down, does anyone know of a trick to get it in reverse? the only other thing i know about the truck is that the motor is under the cab so the front end is flat and there is about 4 feet from the cab to the dump truck. i think he said it was a 5 ton dump any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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