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  1. Thanks Superdog! I agree, Now if I can get the stuff to get it running!
  2. bulldogboy: This is an old fuel-oil tanker!
  3. All things considered it is pretty darn complete! We are quite fond of the "patina" it has but want to make sure it is solid and can be driven. We will be replacing the wood on the side steps but aging it to match the truck. As you can imagine the wood is pretty much gone on it. While we have wood on our mind we will likely dismantle the cab and rebuild the wood structure/supports, straightening what sheet metal we can while putting it back together. It winds up that there were two oil filters, the factory and a supplementary aftermarket unit. The aftermarket unit was the one missing the top. Thanks for all of your suggestions.
  4. Hey Folks, I've recently acquired a 1930 Mack Model BC that has MOST everything there, however, is in dire need of rehabilitation. I have been in contact with the Mack Truck Museum and they were able to find information on my truck and send me copies of it's record of delivery, BC sales sheet, and BC information and parts. Other than that, it has been very difficult to find information on this model of truck. Some specific parts I'm looking for are: Radiator cap (threaded type) Gas tank cap Cap to the oil filter canister Steering Wheel Shift Knob Any/all engine filters Air Filter Cap Distributor cap retaining clip You can see some attached photos as reference of what I'm talking about. Thanks!
  5. Name: 1930 Mack Model BC Date Added: Owner: Rubrmat Rubrmat
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