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  1. hi everyone, my name is neal and im here on behalf of a friend of mine who just recently bought back one of his old dump trucks. first a little background on the situation. in 1988 johnson sand and gravel sold some 1967 mack dm607's with the butterfly hood (or military hood). one of the trucks has been restored and is still working here in southeastern wisconsin. my friend has just bought back one of their old trucks that was sold to a local company and had been sitting for 10 years (they pulled it 20 feet and it fired right up....a testament to how tough a mack is) and is planning to restore it. my friend is looking to find out what happened to the 20 trucks they had gotten rid of that we guess would be somewhere in the wisconsin area and can be identified by the ....custom built for johnson sand and gravel.....under the horn button on the steering wheel, also any information on parts for the butterfly hood would be greatly appreicated. thanks for taking the time to read this and feel free to e-mail me @ neal_leclaire@yahoo.com if you can help out in locating any of the old trucks or in finding restration parts. thanks Neal
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