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  1. Thanks guys i appreciate it! I will snap some interior pictures when i get back to the shop later on. I am not sure if i will be able to make it to Macungie with work but it will definitely be at the Keystone Diesel national show at Maple Grove the end of July and at the Englishtown show in September

  2. I have both in my fleet, the allison is a lot nicer of a transmission around the city and gets you off the line a lot better because it goes threw all 6 gears but like you said does go threw fuel pretty fast. The mdrive is nice but is sluggish off the line compared to the Allison but that's only because the mdrive will start in a higher gear if the truck senses it doesn't have a lot of weight on but if you do have weight it will go threw most of the gears, but on the highway the mdrive is nicer and doesn't run at a high rpm like the Allison but my truck with the Allison does have real high rear end gears

  3. I was told with my 77 Mack when i put the classic tag on it last year that i can not pull a trailer with it unless the trailer is part of the classic combination to go along with the tractor, which I am sure you could pull a normal trailer no problems with them not knowing, but if somebody ran into the back of you or you had a fender bender i guess it could get tricky with insurance at that point. That's why i just bobtail my old girl to the shows now

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