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  1. any one know? im trying to get all my ducks in a row before i start to conversion. thanks matt
  2. does the r-model straight frame models have the same width front end as the r-model wide frame models? the reason im asking is because i need to find a narrower front end for my conversion to make it fit right under the b-model fenders. is there any front ends that are narrower and will fit on my r-model wide frame? thanks
  3. harryb- my only question is about registration, how do i register it? as a b-model and use the r-model frame numbers? i live in connecticut. also do the later r-models have a straight frame? my r-model has the wider frame in the front will i still be able to make it work with the radiator support and fitting all the tins on it? thanks, matt
  4. I have a 1957 b-61 that i want to take the cab and hood off of and put on my 1974 r-model frame because the b-model frame is junk and the r-model has a nicer set of rears and is more updatable. will this conversion work? i expect a extensive amount of fabrication but thats no problem i just want to make sure that its not completly impossible. any info or links to web sites would be good thanks, matt
  5. Me and Superdog are putting on a show to take place of the Pride and Glory truck show which wont be taking place this year. the location is about 10 mins from P&G i will have the exact date tomrrow and i will keep people posted on what goes on with it all. spread the word we want it to be a big one.
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