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  1. My dealer is the one who told me to look elsewere. I need a egr delete and a turbo delete. Gonna run a old school turbo. Found out my motor is a AC460 and most places only work on E7 , MP7 , or MP8 computers.
  2. I'm in the middle of a engine swap from a 04 vision to a 04 granite. Got the truck running but only in limp mode, had to swap the ecu, vcu , and entire wiring harness. Want to use granite componets I.e. turbo - intake , but it computer dosn't recognize the change. I was told the computer needs to be flashed to make it run proper. Does any know someone who does this ? Any leads would be a big help ready to put this truck to work. Thanks !!
  3. Thanks for all who were looking for a part for us we found one. Thanks Again
  4. Thanks for the lead, I just called and Its allready gone. So I guess I'm still looking. Thanks again for the lead!
  5. Hello, looking for a part for my Mack Granite -2005. It's a Intake manifold Part # 105GC5228M if anyone knows where I can get one, Please let me know. Here is my office number 814 629-6774. or Email Any help would be greatly appreated. Thanks
  6. Hi my name is Dave, I've been a long time Mack truck lover. Been driving macks my whole career, starting with a U-model and now three CL's one R-model and a Grannite.
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